Hair Services Explained


Why do I need a consultation?

We offer a free consultation with all of our services, this is especially important if you are having a colour or a style change.

Customers regularly send us a message asking if we can change their hair colour and how much it will cost but the truth is, without having a face to face consultation we cannot give you a definite answer as it depends on too many factors ;

Have you coloured your hair before?

What products have you used?

What is your natural hair colour?

Is your hair damaged?

How many colour processes we will need to use?

The list goes on and on!

It may also be necessary to take a sample of your hair to test and we need to do a patch test to make sure you are not allergic to the colour.

With a style change we regularly get customers bring in a picture of a style they would like, but they haven't given any consideration to how they are going to maintain the style or how long it will take to style of a morning or if it will suit their hair type!

A consultation is not a hard sell! It should take 15-30 mins and will give you a definite idea of styles prices etc and will give you time to think about your options putting less pressure on you on the day of your appointment!

Hair cut - trim/reshape/restyle?

What's the difference?

We regularly get customers come in for "Just a trim" but end up going out with a totally different style and expecting to pay the price of "Just a trim" 

Here's the difference:

A trim is for someone who has their hair cut regularly (every 6-8 weeks) and needs an inch or less taking of their hair. (takes 15-20 mins)

A reshape is for someone who is keeping the same hairstyle, but doesn't have regular haircuts, so will need the shape putting back into their hair. (Takes 20-40 mins)

A restyle is for someone who is going for a completely different look. We highly recommend having your hair washed and blow dried when having a restyle to show you the complete finished effect of the style. (Takes 40-60 mins)

Colouring Services

There are so many different colouring services available its hard to keep up, although we do try our best regularly attending the latest colour workshops to keep ourselves updated on the latest trends!

The biggest problem when colouring a clients hair is unrealistic expectations. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Customers show us a picture of the latest colour trend and want the same look straight away! Due to the miracles of Olaplex, yes we most likely can give you black roots and grey ends and it will look beautiful when you leave the salon but its highly unlikely to last without regular maintenance which can be time consuming and expensive.

  • If you are going for a drastic colour change, it might not be achievable in one session, It might take a couple of appointments to get the look that you want. All of this will be explained to you during your consultation.

  • Colouring hair is not an exact science - we do sometimes get it wrong! It is possible to put the same hair colour onto 2 customers with identical hair and get different results. Or to tint your hair lighter or darker than required because we have misunderstood each other during the consultation. There are things that can go wrong and every hair stylist occasionally makes a mistake. We will promise that if we do make a mistake - we will put it right!! 

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